Launched in 2000, The Open Schools: education and culture for peace program is an initiative promoted by the UNESCO Brasilia Office on occasion of the International Year for a Culture of Peace. The Open School Programme makes public school spaces available outside school hours, for: 1. Fostering the integration process of migrant young people who face cultural, linguistic and social barriers; 2. Improving social interactions among teachers, students and parents/carers; 3. Creating a collaborative network among schools and civil society’s organizations. Extracurricular activities are developed for fostering full students’ participation and social inclusion. Flexibility, oneness, and autonomy are the three main features to ensure in place for a successful strategy of implementation. Once open activities are started, the DURATION of the program’s implementation can vary depending on the school’s needs: it could be initially implemented for a three-month period as “test period” and then extended until the entire school year, with a frequency from one, until three times a week.

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